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Thank you SW

I'm really glad that this is looking more like vaginitis, along with joint issues, rather than the dreaded C word. I think that in this day and age of being careful with abx, many vets don't give a long enough course of the antibiotics, so I'm glad that they were extended. When Jazz here had some urinary issues, the vet said to give her meds (cipro) until symptoms were gone, then a week longer. (Jazz was born with some remnant tissue in her vagina which has since been removed.)

Jazz's vet is an internal medicine vet, and is very good about what tests to use. He's very hesitant about MRI's, because they are very expensive (about $2,500 in this area), and many/most things there is nothing you can do even if you know what is happening.

I will continue to hope that the abx help *a lot*
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