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Thx Marko,

1 - not sure but she is considered to be a medium-large dog (we are sure that she had at least one doberman as her ancestor even though she is smaller)
2- he is 18 and it wasn't really bad, we both agreed to do it because it was really hot and we did not mean to tortue her just to cool her a bit. But for what we know, she has a fear of swimming a deep water, doesnt fear of having a shower but doesnt really like it - which made me think water might be her actual fear. Her other fears are vacume cleaner, and the voices in the telephone.
3 - No, before this, she walked freely trough the whole house as she is allowed to do that.
4 - The last time she was needed to go the vet is the last time she got the vaccine, after that there were just normal early controles. Ofc im going to take her to the vet since she's been acting all strange, but I can't do it before the weekend and that seems a bit far.
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