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Exclamation Possible Infection...really concerned


I thought I would try this since it is outside vet hours and I am hoping someone can help me! My Rodgers, 2 year-old male peek-a-poo is not having a good day. We rescued him a few months ago and he had already been neutered by the previous family when he was a pup. He was licking himself like crazy today and I called his name and when he looked up I saw what looked like a long cut because it was so red! Upon further inspection, it appears to be where he was neutered and it is all red and swollen. It is not an open wound but is obviously irritating him and I am concerned he could have an infection. Is it possible for this to happen at least a year after the operation? Should I be taking him to the vet? Or can I try a cone so he can't irritate it more and see if it gets better. He is a little guy, less than 10 pounds and was poorly nutritioned when we got him. Please help this little guy that has come so far!
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