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She is actually doing really well with obedience - extremely reliable on sit and down, comes when called even from play most of the time, gives paw, "leaves it"... It took about a month for her to learn her boundaries but now that she knows them she's wonderful. She lays down and waits to be fed, automatically gets in her crate when she sees me getting ready to leave the house, stuff like that.

She even behaves very well in her group obedience class - focuses on me and ignores the other dogs most of the time unless they have a really good toy. She had to go through a whole puppy class to get to that point, but she's now very good. None of it seems to improve the way she greets other dogs though.

I understand "patience," but I am worried that she will begin to expect a fight every time she meets another dog, and then I'll have a real dog-aggressive dog on my hands. I want to prevent that by teaching her to respect other dogs' space.

She also constantly steals other dogs' toys during play and I am worried about resource guarding. She will get very pushy about trying to take the toys out of their mouths or make sure they don't touch her toys. No biting yet, but if another dog snaps she will escalate the situation rather than capitulating. In fact, I've never seen her display any submissive behavior with another dog no matter the other dog's age.

Can you see why I'm concerned about what this could turn into as she matures? An ounce of prevention, as they say...
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