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RUDE Adolescent!!!

I have a 7-8 month old German Shepherd mix that I got about three months ago.

When I first adopted her she was AWFUL with other dogs - she would whine, bark, and sometimes even try to bite me when she saw one on the street. I've gotten her to almost completely stop that - I would walk away from the dogs when she fussed and made her sit before meeting them - and she will now ignore other dogs on the street when I say "leave it." However, she still exhibits very rude behavior with other dogs much of the time. For example, when she meets a new dog she tends to immediately jump on them - usually with her paws on their shoulders. She will also lick their faces like crazy and sometimes get a little too enthusiastic with the sniffing of their privates

Puppies her own age don't seem to mind this. However, a lot of adult dogs find it objectionable and they try to correct her by growling or snapping. Rather than taking the correction my dog will start barking or growling and this often starts a row between the dogs. I took her to the dog park once and it was a disaster - this whole sequence happened with two or three dogs and we eventually left because she couldn't interact properly with the adult dogs.

How can I teach her better manners? She was obviously not very well socialized when I got her and perhaps I can't do much about that. I'd like to know if there's anything that I can try though. She has proven very teachable and willing to please so far, so maybe there's hope.
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