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Puggles are get pets. I have never had so much fun with dogs.

Because they are mutts you never know what characteristics they will take on.

My older one (Pebbles) she is VERY VERY hyper and just loves to run. She is a little big dog. A lot of people think she is a boxer. Her energy just never seems to leave! But she loves to snuggle at the end of the day. Sometimes it's difficult because she snores SO much! haha

We adopted Pebs from a family who was giving her up because they had 2 other dogs that would beat up on her. Honestly though, I think they neglected her though among other things, she has some "emotional" baggage.

My younger pup (Atticus) is almost 4 months, and we got him from a breeder (a well established one.) We looked around for more abandoned pups, but couldn't find any. We really wanted to have 2 puggles. He is MUCH MUCH more pug though, he's a lazy lil thing.

They typically get to be about 15-20 lbs. But Pebs is only 16 and they don't think Atticus will be that big.

They are a lot of work, they are definately energetic lap dogs lol
So worth it though!
Pebbles (Puggle)
Atticus (Puggle)
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