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He's doing okay. He's eating, but not drinking, so I am giving him wet food and putting water in it. I have his litter in a cookie sheet, but I think its too slippery for him to stand in, so I'm going to try to put a non skid sheet on the bottom, and see if that works. He is just so sad to look at, and watch him walk. I'm sure when his fur grows back he will look better. I'm giving him his pain meds more often, and doing it the way RUSTYcat suggested, which was a very good idea. I can't understand why he has not tried to lick his stitches, we have been struggling since February to find something to prevent him from licking his leg, and now he isn't even trying. Hopefully the stitches won't start itching and get him going. Thank you for asking, hazelrunpack
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