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Considering the extensive surgery, I couldn't believe he gets it only every 12 hours, too. He also is done with his antibiotics, which I feel he should be getting longer. It also dawned on me that he said the meds are chicken flavored, and we think chicken is what caused his allergies and this problem, so I'm going to have him change that

The vet is a very good vet, but not very sympathetic I noticed that when he did the exam. I think I'm going to call him tomorrow and say I spilled the meds, can he give me more. Then I can dose him every 6 hours. I seriously doubt he will agree Spencer needs more. Would Amytryptline work the same as Gabapentin, he is on that? I tried responding to your PM, explaining what Spencers problem is, but I'm very computer stupid and I don't think it went through. Again, thank you so much for your help, the website you sent is very good. It helps so much to get the most info possible
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