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Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
He is on pain meds, and I'm supposed to put them under his tongue or gums and have the meds stay in his mouth....

but that doesn't work with a cat, he just swallows it.
Here's the trick to giving Buprenorphine: You were given tiny pre-loaded syringes....instead of squirting the entire dose at once, put only 1-2 drops into the mouth (either under the tongue or in the side of the mouth, withdraw the syringe, wait a few seconds and repeat....repeat this until the entire dose is given.

You are on the floor with him - holding him between your legs, one hand holds the syringe, the other hand is either holding his head back while medicating, or stroking/rubbing his head/ears/chin between each mini dose.

At the end of the dosing, continue the pleasurable handling for a few minutes - you don't want him to access water/food for at least 5 minutes....if you give him a treat after that, all of this will become a routine that he will (probably) look forward to.

With oral Buprenorphine, I find that it's effective ONLY for ~6 hours....AND that it's critical to stay ahead of the, because Bup requires a short period to get through the oral tissue and actually into the bloodstream, I need to medicate about 15-20 minutes before the end of the 6-hour 'working" period. (Most Rx directions are for 8+ hour dosing....that simply doesn't work.)

Post back if that's not clear.

** it is very common that Buprenorphine will cause urine retention. This does not usually persist in my experience, but I'd advise you keep an eye on his 'output'. I found that it was important to keep notes about litter box 'deposits' (and eating too)....otherwise, things get very blurry and potentially important info will be missed/forgotten (e.g. should he become constipated, there'll be no accurate info available, just guesses).

(I also sent you a PM.....?)
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