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Brought Spencer home this afternoon. Watching him get out of the carrier, and try to get around is heartbreaking. He initially panicked when I let him loose in a bedroom (that luckily we took most of the furniture out of), and banged into walls trying to maneuver. He wants out of the room, but would definitely hurt himself if we let him
He is on pain meds, and I'm supposed to put them under his tongue or gums and have the meds stay in his mouth, but that doesn't work with a cat, he just swallows it. The vet also didn't put an e collar on him, which I couldn't believe because of the many stitches, but he claims he doesn't need one. I'm going to watch him closely because I have my doubts. I keep putting him in his litter box, which is a cookie sheet filled with litter, but he just lays in it, so I'm sure there will be a accidents. Hazelrunpack, I'm sure your right, each day will be a little better, I just wish it was next week already. Thanks
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