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Originally Posted by Kallima_butterf View Post
I use a 29 gauge 1/2" needle and although the vet said I could reuse the needles 4 times
Yikes, the vet actually told you to reuse the needles? Not a good idea. Here is a pic of what a needles looks like when used more than once:

Also, you might want to get a finer gauge needle. You don't have to use the U40 Caninsulin syringes. You can get 31 gauge (the higher the number, the skinnier the needle) BD Ultrafine II syringes (3/10 cc, "shorts") from any pharmacy, probably for less than you're paying for the U40 ones.:

These will be for a U100 insulin (which means there are 100 units of insulin in 1 ml, as opposed to U40, which means 40 units of insulin in 1 ml), but you can do a conversion so you can still use them with a U40 insulin such as Caninsulin. Conversion chart here at this link, but basically if you're supposed to give your cat 2 units in a U40 syring, that equals 5 units on a U100 syringe.

Has your kitty had a blood glucose curve done yet? Are you interested in home testing his blood glucose (bg) to save money, and get more accurate results? Lots of info on that here:

What does your cat eat these days? Is it the same or different than what he was eating pre-diagnosis?
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