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Ahhh Coco!!

Poor boy ended up going to the vet on Saturday (after hours of course!) I came home from shopping and it was obvious he was having problems pooping. He was very uncomfortable and when he started panting, VET TIME!! So took him in and the vet did a whole check over. One bunged up kitty, so we decided an enema and an overnight stay was in order.

The vet sedated him a bit and gave him the enema. So he called and let me know that he found what was causing the problem; 2 fairly long pieces of broom straws!! Coco!! I caught him in the porch a few days ago, gnawing on the broom! He took off as soon as I saw him, didn't realize he got a few pieces off! So the vet thought an xray would be good just in case there was any more pieces stuck in there. Fortunately, there wasn't. What a kitty! I'm glad there wasn't any more. He's getting up there in years and the vet doesn't think he'd handle a full operation very well. His lungs are getting a bit fibrous and his heart isn't the greatest anymore. I'm guessing he's got to be at least in the 18 to 20 age range.

So he kind of ignored me Sunday but by last night he was his usual lovey self. I got to remember to keep him away from brooms!
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