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Growler,I really hope you can help me to make up my mind about Chico and his Thyroid-Problem.
My vet has suggested he is a good candidate for the Iodine Radium treatment and I thought yes,I'll do it.
Now I have second thoughts,can I do this to my sweet Chico?
On the other hand I don't want him to end up like Rocky,who at the end of his life could not bend his head,his Thyroid was so large:-(
Could you explain to me in detail,what the procedure entails,how much isolation-time etc...or maybe find me a good site,where it's explained fully.
My vet says,one week in hospital and then isolation at home..
I am really torn,Chico is 15yrs old,otherwise a healthy kitty,no kidney-problems.
I would really appreciate your advice and insight.
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