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Just an update..

I have decided to go with the radio-iodine therapy. More research showed that it really wouldn't be a good idea for me to touch the meds while I am pregnant/nursing, plus the cost of his testing and all the pills for the rest of his life would exceed the cost of the procedure in just over a year, I'd imagine.

Plus I can get him off of the y/d

Because they didn't get a concrete T4 reading, I need to bring him back to get a new blood test, along with a urinanalysis to make sure his T4 levels aren't masking any renal failure. If everything is a go, he goes in on Feb 23rd! It's a two hour drive, but worth it.

all is well for my little guy!

Funny though, my vet said that it would be best if he was on a low protein diet in case he does have some renal failure, so wants me to feed him k/d now.. After I just bought several cans of Wellness. I'm not going to give him that junk!

Growler, if there is any chance you are reading this, or anyone else who dealt with renal issues, isn't high protein better for them? Or should I really be avoiding it?
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