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Originally Posted by pbpatti View Post
Sasha's Vets changed their protocol a couple of years ago and advised to give Interceptor every month rather then just during the summer months. I just went along with it at the time but now I am questioning if this is needed.
My take on vets who do this in areas where year round treatment is not necessary or is an obvious over kill is that they are taking advantage of their clients' love for their dogs and guilting them into spending the money on unnecessary treatments just to line their pockets and more so doing this at the expense of the dog's health and best interest.

These meds can be extremely hard on a dog's body. They should be taken very seriously and not given out like candy. They can be very taxing on a healthy dog's system, especially a dog with any health issues. I know many people who no longer do any of them at any time and opt for more holistic ways to repel the bugs. Even testing regularly for HW as opposed to giving the regular preventative as it can be that hard on a dog.

Obviously this is a very personal decision and you need to do what you feel comfortable with. It's very good that you are going to research this, just like with vaccinations there is lots of material on this out there.

You may also consider consulting with a local holistic vet if there is one available. Even consider switching vets if necessary. Don't get stuck on a bad vet just because you have been with them for a while.
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