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Marko, thank you for adding to my heading (please see my PM to you).

I made an was Interceptor not Ivermectin that I was giving Sasha. Thank you all for your response and help with this.

I really am concerned about giving Heartgard fulltime again. I guess I did not ask enough questions of my Vets in regards to using this product.

Longblades, Sasha is a petite Chocolate Lab weighing in at 24.6kg/50lbs, she lost 2kg since her last visit to the Vet in December. I think that is due to getting more exercise since the weather has changed. Sasha's Vets changed their protocol a couple of years ago and advised to give Interceptor every month rather then just during the summer months. I just went along with it at the time but now I am questioning if this is needed.

Sasha had 2 out of the 8 symptoms; lethargy and depression, I took this as a reaction to having Buddy in the house and her feeling "put out".

HRH, we have had few ticks in Alberta, I know they are there but we have not had to deal with them.....yet!

Sooooooo, the question remains: do I give her the Heartgard during the summer and not the rest of the year? I guess I need to do some research on this. Thanks for your responses so far hope to hear more.
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