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To give or not to give Interceptor

Ok everyone I have a question for you. I was giving Sasha Ivermectin monthly for maybe 1 year or more, she ran out about 3 months ago. Not sure if the symptoms she had last year are from the "preventitive".

She became lethargic, I thought she was having thyroid problems and she tested ok. At the "lake" last year people commented on her not being her normal self. I thought maybe this was from having Buddy in the house.

Sasha this summer at the "lake" is back to her normal self running playing, swimming non-stop. So is this change because she is not taking the meds anymore? What do you think?

I am asking because when we were at the Vet today they gave me some Heartgard to give her and I don't know whether I should or not.

Sasha is 7 yr and 8 mth old.
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