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Question Now she won't eat raw!!

Good morning everyone. Today I started the transition to raw food with Corin, but she won't go anywhere near her food. I took some wellness grain free wet cat food and put a tiny bit of raw in with it, and she won't eat it. Just sniffs and walks away and meows at me because she's hungry!
She normally gets fed twice a day. She usually eats some right away as I set it down. She usually grazes on the wet food I give her throughout the day. I fed her about 3.5 hours ago, and she still hasn't eaten. How can I entice her to eat her food? How long can raw food sit out at room temperature? I know that you can leave wet canned out up to 12 hours without being harmful.
I'm getting her to chase a laser pointer right now as I have read that this can stimulate her appetite.

Should I cook the raw food a bit?

It may be noteworthy to mention that in her food bowl, I have 2 little piles of food, one that is just canned wet food, and the other pile wet canned and raw mixed.

How long can this sit at room temperature? Once it's at room temp for a while, can I refridgerate it and bring it out later to feed once it's reached room temp again? Or is that dangerous (salmonella, etc)?
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