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I've added photos of Tubby and Thumbies on the original posting. They are both about 15 weeks old, very healthy, loving and playful, although a bit moochy. Tubby is the bigger grey male, with slight striping on his tail. Thumbies is the smaller black female. She has extra thumbs on her front paws, and six toes on each of her back feet. They are both extremely sweet little furballs, and need a good home. They have already been taught not to scratch furniture, not to nip fingers, and not to steal food. They are used to other cats and dogs, and like people. They were taken in by a friend, but she returned them after a day only because of allergies. If you are interested in taking them, you are making a lifelong commitment to caring for and loving them.

I am adding photos of mom2's kittens, as I can now handle them. They are approx. 3 weeks old, two are solid black and one is grey and white. They will also need homes, as will the mom, who I will keep and spay until a good home can be found. They have been to the vet, and are healthy(I got drops for their eyes, which are now open).

Mom1 had her litter of kittens(3) and they are on the small side. I think they were early, but are feeding, as mom spends most of her time with them.
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