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I think maybe theres been a misunderstanding.. not sure though.

Theres a breed of cat, called a Bengal Cat..
And bengal ca did describe her pet as a cat. Maybe tiger was a slip of the tongue. says:
"Bengals do reveal traces of their wild origins in some of their character traits. they can be restless, lively and curious. They particularly love the thrill of the chase and the hunt. Bengals are a large breed, it is friendly , loving, alert, curious and intelligent. The Bengal has little fear of other cats, or any other animal and makes a charming pet."

So that could tie in with the huge prey instinct and fearlessness of reasonably big animals bengal ca described.

Then again, she might own a tiger. But a five year old tiger is preeeeeeeeeety big, and I doubt anyone would let it out of sight long enough to hunt a racoon.
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