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sorry to laugh but HAHAHAHAH

This happened to me before and so I find it funny as well.

I barked and growled and the little tyrant and it took off yiping!

Also if you have a bottle of water on you dump it on them, most little dogs hate water dumped on their heads!

Don't worry about that I had a Rottie jump attack me when I was pickin my God Daughter up from school one day....she (my God Daughter) climbed up my back to where she was near sitting on top my head in terror while the dog was drooling goobers all over my top.

Try that balancing act....
Needless to say a good shove with the knee worked.
(stupid owners) Just a big dumb funny dog but scared the hell outta kids.

Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee
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