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I have found (having a large dog that seems to be a target for agro dogs) that most dogs will respond to swear words ( i know it is not nice just hope no one is around to hear) spoken loudly and with a tone of control, and they often back off. I have a theory that this is due to the way we raise dogs and sometimes get angry at them. If you imitate what the dogs owner may do when angry the dog will often back down at the memory or reminder. But tried and tested seem to be- be submissive, head down, slouch sholders and dont make eye contact and i always cross the road when you see it coming to see if you are its target and if all else fails i find a handful of gravel from the road side is very effective when thrown (we did this in our street to stop dogs chasing, had a big bag of gravel in front seat of car and when they chased threw it - they soon stoped. AND MAKE SURE YOU TRY TO FIND OWNER and remind them of their responsibilities.
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