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Question Crock pot recipies?

If anyone has any crockpot recipies , i'd so love them. I've worn out roast and potatoes, and we've not got venison in the freezer to do deer tips and rice. I'm out of ideas.

I've done a chicken and noodle, and chicken and dumpling experiment. They turned out well. But now its like...."now what". LOL

We love beef, chicken, venison (which we are out of right now), turkey (ground or otherwise), pork, ect....
spicy is ok (but not so spicy your miserable afterwards), we love beans,
teen loves veggies, husband and myself..not so much (but a few thrown in there is ok...we can pick around

much appreciated. As a "mom" who "didnt" cook often. I'm trying new things, and attempting to lower my grociery bill as we can "eat on it" for days. Also...its cheaper than going OUT to eat. Went thru a drive thru the other day...21 dollars for us to eat a small meal. geesh.
Ok...thats it.
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