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Originally Posted by SamIam View Post
Brandon, lots of efforts in that area. The most difficult part will be to offer an alternate way of dealing with the people who are involved with pit bulls in illegal and unethical activities. As for public opinion, it existed long before breed bans were proposed and will exist long after they are removed. Your best bet is to educate those who are willing to listen. Take that 3-4 year old girl down the street from you, for example. You can teach her the proper way to treat a dog, to always ask the owner before petting, and also help explain how to tell whether a dog is friendly or not by reading the dog's body language.

Believe it or not i actually did this with the little girl. I explained that any dog can be mean,and that you should always ask the person with the dog first. then i got her to sit(lola) and then even made the girl ask her to sit as well. then she was able to pet her. The girl enjoyed it,she found it amusing that Lola listened to her command. But yes it will always be there and the ban didnt start it. Thats a perfect solution,and its what i try to do,is educate that they can be just as good as any other breed. Lola is a great example of it,and she loves the attention when people want to find out about them. I have had people stop and ask too,i think more are realizing that any dog can become unstable.Its all one big learning circle lol
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