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Im finding that with all this attention brought to pitbulls being bad and aggressive dogs(bsl ban in ontario,and the medias bias picture it painted of "pitbulls") that it is teaching society that pitbulls(or dogs alike) ARE a dangerous dog,and that they WILL attack. So right away people are sending/getting triggers in their body that they feel uncomfortable,nervous and scared around these certain dogs. Dogs have a tons more receptors to pick up warning signs of a bad/dangerous person/animal.Now put an unstable human/animal around a dog and your chances of a problem are a lot higher. It is not helping to decrease attacks. Any dog can attack,or be trained/raised to attack. If they want to prevent or lower these attacks it starts with knowledge about dogs. Half of dog owners dont have a clue how to train or handle the breed they have chosen. This results in poor behavior,and lack of obeying orders,and a higher chance it will turn or misbehave. There should be laws made to obtain a dog no matter what breed. Example,any person wanting to own a dog must first pass this written test on caring and training a dog. People should not just be able to buy a dog and walk away. Manditory requirements might also include inspections of home prior to owning,as well as training started and completed within a certain time frame of aquiring the dog. I used to live in a more "younger/open minded/middle class" area of town(students/kids/lower class familys),and got Lola. Everyone loved her,people would always say hi to her,and stop to pet her. I moved back home which is a more laid back middle aged,somewhat upper class(familys/elderly/young couples/kids) sorta setting. OMG. I can not believe the difference in attitude toward pitbulls/look-a-likes. Im talking like crazyyyy. I will be a football field away. And these dog owners/people walking start to bolt like there is a stampede,or like the earth under their feet is falling and try to get away or avoid me and Lola. This is causing a lot confusion in her and mis-trust. She feels and senses the way people are scared and terrified in her. Now Im stuck trying to make her understand why people are feeling this way. It makes her uncomfortable,cause it is an actual all out panic that people are getting in. She feels those people are unstable,and i can tell is not sure around them,and im left to somehow reasure her.Ive found the ban has just made things worse. For attacks and for owners of pitbulls and dogs that resemble them,because now they have to suffer in the long run. Due to the way the media as well as the lack of knowledge has made people view only certain dogs as prone to attack. This makes it far worse,any dog will have more of a chance to attack if it feels threatened/uncomfortable,specially if the person attacked is feeling the same way.I wish those who view pitbulls as aggressive would not be so one sided and more informed with the right facts. Any and all pitbulls ive raised or trained have all turned out to be the most affectionate dog I have yet to raise or train. This type of breed is a posterboy for the saying "a dog is mans best friend" These dogs want nothing more then to impress and make their owner proud. One of the smartest dogs too,very easy to train,super quick learners. Two of the dogs most likely to bite a human are actually two of the most overlooked breeds for aggression and attacks. Anyone know which two ? Both are in the working class of dogs,and are one of the most popular breeds...
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