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Originally Posted by Fedorafactory View Post
My puppy Goat is about 7 months old and over the past number of days has had reddened eyes and fairly regular yellowish discharge (looks like sleep). He is a husky German Sheppard and lab mix breed if that's relevant. It seemed to happen the day after he had a play date with my friends puppy where they played with paws and love bites for a number of hours, sometimes going for the eyes (as dogs seem to enjoy doing). With the recent snowfall he has also been burrowing in the snow and sticking his head in the drifts. I was wondering if these are likely the cause of irritation and if eye drops might be an appropriate first step before seeing the vet. He seems as energetic as ever and no obstruction to his vision is evident.

Thanks in advance

Darcy and Goat
Yellowish discharge equals infection. He needs a script not over the counter stuff. Eyes are tricky and if he has a scratch at all then certain products can damage the eye. Sorry but off to the vets is the only answer.
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