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We are going to wait for the fungal results and use this time to decide what we want to do. The vet thinks he's losing weight because he's not able to absorb his food normally due to the thickness of his small intestine. Plus, they found a stone in his bladder and one in his kidney during the ultrasound. He had surgery maybe 5 years ago to remove a lot of stones he had in his bladder and urethra, but supposedly the current ones aren't causing problems just yet. The first time around, he was peeing blood...this time, there has been no sign of stones. The vet sent me a long email detailing everything that's wrong with Cody, so I was able to forward it on to my family members to keep everybody informed. I'd post it here for opinions on what to do, but it really is a LONG email!

Hopefully, we have the fungal results early next week. And hopefully, we are able to somehow come to a decision by then.
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