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Wink Hi

First she is not crossed with a whippet your Vet idiot. That breed is similar to greyhound only smaller version, she appears to have lab in her. I agree she may have been mistreated, but that does not sit good in my mind. She obviously loves you a great deal, perhaps she is in mourning after losing playmate. Now find the tastiest treats and use her name sit down on floor and toss a tiny morsel. Remember Hansel&Gretel. Keep doing this at a slow pace until she is right up in your face drop on piece down. When she has finished that put one in your hand and say take she is going to regardless. The trick is do not give 10 go 5 per and the # 6 should be in your hand. Dinner time put her food in dish add something extraordinary with that meal. My boys understand the word eat time. Now take this dish and let her sniff it and then naturally she is going to go in silly puppy feed me mode or hopefully not the other kind. Take a small portion from dish and extend hand to feed her this must be done repitiously (don't spell great). Put food down and allow her to eat while she is eating gently caress her and say good girl/dog. she may growl at first as she could feel threatened that you are going to remove her meal. This must be a constant in your home and you must be the constant in her life NOW, nobody should be allowed to give her anything as in the treats/feeding. You are care giver and she has to rely on you, for her every need walking even if you stand outside with her while she has a pee/poo. Puppies drink allot of water bring up dish after meal and let her out a few time to empty out
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