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Originally Posted by binkybuff View Post
One of my cats howls during the night, and more than once a night.

What I did, was purchase a large dog crate, and put a litter pan in it, and her pillow. At night, she gets her treats when we "go to bed" she walks into the kennel has her treats, and things are quiet until she hears me up in the morning.

It might sound cruel but, that makes her sleep, and lets me have my sleep as well.

She didn't really like it at first, and that is why I started giving treats, and using the command "go to bed".

Hope you find something that works for you

take care
I heard about a few people doing this but my cat absolutely loses her mind if she is in her carrier for very long. She actually cries more than usual (if that's possible!) when she's in there and gets very anxious.

I've started trying to get her used to the words 'bedtime' and 'good morning' in attempts to differentiate sleep time from play time. This works about 50% of the time.

Tonight I just fed her and said that it was bedtime. She's quiet now but we'll see how long it lasts!
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