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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Give them lots of kisses, then ignore them. I've lived this for over 20 years and have only found aging settles them down, nope, I'm lying, my 16 year old still gets the zoomies at 3am.

Seriously, can you lock your cat out of your bedroom and ignore if she scratches throughout the night? For a cat, not getting a response means what they are doing is not working so they give up. Getting a response means they are doing the right things to get what they want.

Good luck.
I haven't ever locked her out of the room for a whole night. I lock her out at 4am and she cries for a minimum of an hour. Around 7am she starts to cry again. My only concern is that she bangs on the door and I live in an apartment building. I know other people can hear her doing it and I don't want to get in any trouble. I've tried just flat out ignoring her but she will literally poke me in the face with her paws. She also is starting to tear up the carpet and she has put holes in my new leather bed frame. If I ignore her, she just keeps picking at it!!

I feel like I have a baby, haha.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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