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Thank you for the information.
As of today Cecil is eating more often, almost as he normally would. Also drinking more then he did in past three days. The vet I go to didn't want to do a tube because he is responding to the meds. (Just saw her a few minutes ago)
Also spoke with different vet who agreed with my vet. Though neither can say for sure why alt level was or is 2438. They both did say its most likely not lipidosis and just a bad infection. They want to see how meds go and blood test again in 2 weeks unless Cecil gets worse then im supposed to get him into vet asap.
The meds he is on are: amoxi 50mg, metronidazole 50mg, denamarin 90mg, and cerenia 16mg.
At this moment Cecil is runnig around at top speed and playing with our other cat Malcom as if nothing was ever wrong.
The fact that for his age he acts like a kitten is why I noticed he was sick as soon as I did.
He ate and played as usual Monday morning and when he didn't want food or to play later that day I knew that he needed a vet asap.
Any further thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated.
Cecil and I thank you again.
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