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If there is any one age that stands out for when all hell breaks loose and Labs become teenagers I swear it's 9 months old. Most reputable breeders will not let a person take home sibling puppies, so getting another the same age might not be a good idea. Generally we say once your current pup is well trained and reliable then is a good time to add another dog.

What are you doing with your current girl? Classes, competition? Labs thrive on structure and need a good physical workout every day. I wonder if adopting an older dog might be better if you plan to go ahead? Personally I would find a younger puppy, with it's different exercise requirements, would be hard for me but I have a job to do and only so much time for training and working with one dog, let alone two.

Think hard. Two the same age would be more than double the work. Ideally they would go to separate training classes and need a lot of individual work from you. Good luck.
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