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First of all, may your ex-neighbours rot in hell, and I hope their lives until they get there are filled with the worst bad luck imaginable (including an agonizing disease or 2).

As for you: you are an Thanks for looking after this kitten and my fingers are crossed that you can find her sibling.

Best food would a good quality canned kitten food like Wellness. You can find it at Petsmart or one of the smaller pet food retailers. If she isn't interested in that, pick up some plain chicken baby food from the grocery store (Heinz chicken in broth is a good one) and see if that'll convince her to eat. It isn't nutritionally complete so only use it short-term to jump-start her appetite. If she won't even eat that, you might have to bottle feed her some kitten replacement like KMR. She should be eating some solid food on her own by now but perhaps the losers that "owned" her mom didn't provide any. Don't let her go without food for more than 24 hrs. Kittens can dehydrate and go downhill very quickly without sustenance. You may need to assist feed her if she doesn't eat, and possibly have a vet check her out.

Good luck! Keep us updated on this poor little sweetie.
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