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What to feed 9 week old kitten (approx)

Long story short, some neighbours moved and left their cat and her fairly new litter of 2 behind last week. We have been trying to get them so we could take them to the shelter, but have been unable. This morning we noticed the mother had been hit by a car on the street and we have managed to get one of the kittens and are still looking for the other.

We have taken her into the house, we would like to keep her. I estimate she is about 8-9 weeks old.

What should we feed her? We bought some Whiskas kitten dry food, but she doesn't seem interested. I know she may just be upset and unsure of her surroundings, but I'm wondering if maybe soft food would be betteR? Or should she still be on a cat's milk still? I've heard pet stores care kitten type formula.

Thanks for the help
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