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Originally Posted by Rocketstick View Post
Just a simple question if it is okay, because I am first time new Beagle Puppy Owner.

Today outside in Toronto, Canada the temperature almost feels if it is 40 Degrees, but the big cool down comes tomorrow with a passing cold front.

I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla CE, with Air Conditioning, is it okay to leave my Beagle Puppy in his crate with:

1. All windows open, all the way down in a shady area with Car Engine Off?

2. Leave the car running (doors locked, I have a spare key) with Air Conditioning running? - and Yes I heard of the 3 minute idling law?

Just wondering if it is okay, if it is not then I will have to leave my Beagle Puppy alone at home, while he goes under some Separation Anxiety attacks. He howls and yelps if left alone too long and would only feel comfortable being alone in the crate if he senses someone near him. Also going to bring him to Puppy Training school soon.
No , your puppy could get stolen , the polices been warning people where I live not to leave their small dogs in their cars as there been a lot dogs being stolen and resold and some end up in labs. You should never leave dog in an idling car, your car could be stolen too . You should leave your dog or puppy as home in a safe place , they'll be fine as long they have food and water.
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