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sounds like a hairball. I have 4 cats, two are long haired so around here hairballs are pretty common. Lots of brushing since it's spring and they're shedding, I use a flea comb to get the fine undercoat out. Get yourself some hairball goop, laxatone is a good one and most cats will take it. I use the hairball temptations as none of mine will even look at the hairball stuff in the tube. If she's on crunchies, you can get it for hairballs. You can even get wet food for hairballs. Natural Balance makes an indoor kitty food and it's pretty decent food. It's easy to tell if it's working, if you look you should be able to see hair in their poop or they'll throw up a big hairball. I don't care which way they come out, better out than in with hairballs!! I would start with the actual hairball goop, you don't want it staying in their intestines as it can cause a blockage and it is expensive to have it removed.
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