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July 8, 2010 - Falconwatch Coordinator Brad Asseltine reports: After spending her first day and night back home in various places on top of the Sheraton, around 06:00 today Chedoke made a strong flight from the Sheraton out over King Street and the Art Gallery of Hamilton, then landed pretty well on the Standard Life building. This was the first of four very good flights today. On Standard Life she hopped about, snacking on leftover food and generally exploring. A rather large puddle of standing water from yesterday's rains proved too enticing in today's 43C equivalent heat, so she waded in and began splashing, dipping and dunking every thing she could in the water. Once refreshed from the bath Chedoke flew to the roof of the Thompson building where where she was joined for a while by Henderson. While still on Thompson Chedoke enjoyed a private meal delivered by Surge and supervised by Madame X, who was watching closely from the Stelco tower. Without wasting any time after the meal, Chedoke flew out past the Art Gallery, circled over the Board of Education and zipped north between Sheraton and Standard Life to circle over Copps Coliseum, finally making an excellent landing on Standard Life. She then ran into the shade and slept for the entire afternoon. After the siesta Chedoke joined Peter, Joseph and Henderson in a brief game of tag. Their idea of tag may be a little too rough; Chedoke decided to sit out the rest of the game and found a perch on the Federal building on Bay Street, and was still there when night fell.

Although she seemed to be favouring her left wing a bit toward the end of her very busy day, Falconwatchers are very pleased with Chedoke's progress. With luck her training will resume in the cooler weather that is forecast after today's rains end. Because of the extra week of flying they have had, her siblings may help the parents out in this essential task.
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