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Alas, I believe this is a hazard that we face when travelling to any resort type destination. In Boracay (Philippines) it was dogs that were numerous and not fed. In Honduras in February, while not as bad, I had a couple of cats that I consistently fed (luckily they were pretty plump so I suspect I was not the first). I think the cats in Honduras did better than the dogs in Boracay because it was mainly North American tourists down there. In China I simply could not go into the food markets lest I have my psychie destroyed.

When my parents lived in Malaysia, they fed all of the neighbourhood ferrel cats. I think they spent a fortune on cat food for the two years that they were there! They later found out that the lady that lived in their apartment before them did the same thing. Hopefully the next person carried the torch but, unfortunately, I will never know. We can only do our bit while we are there.....

One step at a time. At the very least we can do our best to try to save the animals at home!

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