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Ahhh thanks so much for all the great info!! It's a bit of an overload for us but thankfully there's two of us to digest it and make sense of it all.

Just to report in, we're over 48 hours and seizure free!! He's been on the pheno for 2 days now and I'm not liking how it effects him. He doesn't seem to have the best balance in his hind section and he's very excitable/nervous, need to get him off of this stuff asap. So in that regard we were contacted by a friend of a friend of a friend who has been an absolute saint. She spoke with us about her pets and the success she has had with the 2 vets that she uses. One being an online holistic vet and one being a local vet that practices both holistic medicine and traditional medicine. So we're going to be in touch with them right away and get Flint in and started in a new direction.

Another thing she gave us was a book by Richard Pitcairn, "Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats." We've been reading that and learning a LOT!! We've already started the process of switching Flint off of his store bought food and following the recipes in the book. He absolutely LOVES them!

Oh and we have started mixing Milk Thistle capsules into his food once a day as well, not sure if that is too much or not?

Thank you again for all the great information and support, I will be sure to keep you all posted!
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