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Originally Posted by reksav View Post
Well we took him to the vet today and he was started on 1.25 grains of Phenobarbital every 12 hours. I'm not very comfortable with it after much research but for the time being I'm OK with it. We're actively looking for a holistic vet in our area and hopefully will have luck finding one. Also I'm sad to report he suffered another seizure this morning at around 10 am but has been seizure free since. I'm not sure exactly what blood work was done but we were told that his liver and kidneys are fine. I really hope that we find out more info as to what is causing all this.

Two things that we had changed in the last week or so was his food, we switched from Purina One Smart Blend to Nutro Natural Select also we were spraying the house with air freshener things that we made with some natural oils. So we've stopped using the air fresheners and switched him back to his old food, I'm really hoping that one of those was a trigger and now we'll be in the clear. Though I'm sure that's not going to stop this from happening again.

We're terrified and really do appreciate all of the info and support, such a great community here.

Thanks so much for everything!

Oh while I'm thinking of it, while his seizures are happening, we've been holding him and trying to sooth him. Is this a good idea or should we just make sure he can't hurt himself and stand back?

Again, thank you so much.
Strong scents, like essential oils (Rosemary and Lavender being two very big ones) can trigger seizures in dogs and people, so it's good that you stopped using those

It is possible that he has idiopathic epilepsy as northern breeds are prone to it, but due to his age at onset, it's more likely a medical issue. If your vet just did a regular blood test for the liver values, that can be deceiving if he has a shunt. The enzymes aren't always elevated with a shunt because the liver isn't producing them on a normal level. Your vet would need to do a bile acid test, which is fairly simple. Shunts cause a fair amount of seizures. Also, your vet needs to complete a thyroid "panel", not just a T4 test. Most vets will not do this unless you ask for it. You don't have to send it to Dr. Jean Dodds, but she is the authority when it comes to the thyroid/seizures. When the first vet we went to did the T4 for our baby, it came back normal. When the holistic vet sent it off for a full panel, to Dr. Dodds, he came back in the very low "normal" range which is extremely bad for causing seizures. Again, sadly, the northern breeds are prone to hypothyroidism, so that should be either ruled out, or, if he does have hypothyroidism, treated.

When Nookie has a seizure, the first thing we do is give him rectal valium so he (hopefully) doesn't cluster or go in to status. We just lift his tail and put it in
Some people say you shouldn't touch them while having a seizure, others say it's fine. We just let the seizure happen, then when he starts to come out of it, we will pet him and talk softly to him in hopes that he's comforted by it. One thing you can do after the seizure is to give 1-2 tablespoons of Hagen'Dazs Natural Vanilla ice cream. It has to be that brand and flavor. Something about the way it's made and the ingredients they use that helps to regulate the blood sugar after a seizure. Nookie used to pace and cry for a good couple of hours after a seizure. The epi-angels website recommended the Hagen'dazs. Since we started giving it, he only paces and cries for about 15 minutes, then he will settle down and go to sleep... so it does work

Good luck and please keep us posted on how your boy is doing!

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