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My boys had a few seizures.

We came home today and there was a urine spot on the carpet, we thought not too much off it other than maybe he really had to go or something scared him. (By him I'm referring to Flint, a 7 year old husky/lab.) Then a few hours later, around 6pm, his head cocked to the side with his mouth pried open, fell to the floor and started convulsing very violently, he urinated and defecated a little in that time along with very very thick saliva. We rushed him to the vet since we had no idea what was going on and had never seen anything like it before and were told "it was probably a seizure thanks for your money now go away." Here we are now at 1am and we just woke up to him having another, in our bed with us, what a mess ... We are going to get him into our normal vet today to see what can be done but I was hoping that I could get some insite on all this from some members here. Is there something we should or shouldn't do while the seizure is taking place? After?

Scariest thing I've ever ever seen before, really was hoping it was a 1-off and I'd never have to see it again.

Thanks in advance for any support, help and info!
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