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Hi there!

I was just going threw some stuff and found more of my wolf books.
I love Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves is a fantastic series. But all of her books are really good. Don't be put off that its kids books cause I don't think younger kids would understand it older teens maybe.

Sherryl Jordan has a book called Wolf-Woman
Now I have to admit I love the story. But its graphic...Its basically a book about this girl who is more comfortable being around the wolves. Her human clan blames the wolves for everything and decides to take action. Tanith tries to stop the humans.
The relationship between the girl and the wolves is fantastic..I actually hated the clan.
I would read more about is some reviews

R.D. did pass away in November ..very sad loss. The man was brilliant. What amazes me is he is from Spain. His insight into animals is something else.
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