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Question Adding a kitten to a home with a cat

My cat (kitten - 4months old) Tucker (orange male tabby) is very playfull, energetic, nutty (see my other posts). He is also very cuddly, and I would imagine lonely when I am at work. My fiancee Mom's cat recently had kittens (a month ago I think). We are thinking of taking one of the male kittens into my home, so Tucker has a buddy, playmate.

My question is this - Is it generally an easy transition to add a kitten into a home where there is already one? I want to know (if possible) if Tucker might get jealous, or might reject a new kitten. Maybe attack it? Maybe he'll love the addition. I don't know how cats tend to react to stuff like that. Obviously when I picked him up from the Windsor HS he was in there with about 10 other kittens.

Once again, any input from experience would be super!

Thanks in advance.
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