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Originally Posted by Soter View Post
About the new logo...

Some people on this forum also have horses, goats, rabbits, retiles ect. we should try and think of one which includes all, but isn't too colmplicated (not a whole farm scene I mean)

I tried finding ideas on the net, but i suck at being computer savy

By the way, I adore the idea of being able to choose your own colour background for the site, instead of one main one. Good thinking JennieV!
The Toronto Humane Society is a good example of what you mean:

Their logo has an assortment of animals and beside their logo is a random photo of an animal (refresh the page or click on any of the links and the animal photo will change). That would be pretty cool if the random photo was of pets people put on this board. The only draw back is that since photo images vary greatly (in size, quality, and colour), most would not be consistent with the website design.
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