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Originally Posted by doubletees View Post
I hope someone can help me with this.

About 2 weeks ago I found this loving affectionate cat in my yard and i have been caring for him since. I have a full pet house and I really cannot take another on so I have been doing all I can to find him a home or his home.
So far no one is claiming him so I did what I thought was the next best thing and called a few shelters and animal rescue sites.

Honestly this is my first time in dealing with rescue but the one message I got back from a local one took me back a bit.

She basically told me that this cat's life depends on me and my efforts and that I need to get him to a vet, get him dewormed, distemper meds, de-flea , checked out from head to toe and gave me a list of meds she wants him to have..
She told me once I do all that and he's completed all his follow up appointments I can no longer put him outside or the help she will offer is off the table.
Ok, so once he is completely up to date medically she will give me a complimentary listing on her web page to help find him a home and that's all she will do.
She also told me that when I send the pic in it has to be a good shot, a very cute affectionate loving shot as we need to sell his cute and good points otherwise she won't accept the listing.
She made it clear that this is my problem and he is my responsibility and informed me that he will die if I don't do all I can.
When I asked her about her adoption fees of 350 for dogs and 125 for cats she told me that's her fee for helping. I asked her if I am covering all his care and expense and she is essentially going to do nothing how does she deserve a fee and she told me that its the way things go , either I do what she said or I kill the stray by being rude and questioning things.

Honestly I mean NO disrespect to anyone in the animal rescue business but is this truly how is goes? I've never dealt with this before. I called the vet with her list of procedures and the total over without follow ups was 540 dollars give or take.

I can understand your concerned with the using that shelter and I agree with you about why are the adopting fees are so high when you being told to pay for all the vet fee. I have recused two cats at difference times and brought them to a no kill cat shelter and it did not cost me a penny and one cat needed to surgery as was attacked and half it back was bitten off. I did give the shelter some money to help pay for the cat's surgery. I know some shelters ask for a donation when taking in a person pet , but I never heard of a shelter telling a person they have put out $500 of their own money when helping a homeless pet. I do have great respect for you getting care of the cat. If you can I would try to see if there are any other no kill shelters that do could bring the cat to as no cost to you or maybe a small
donation fee.
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