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December 2011 - photo challenge - Pets and the Holidays

Anyone got ideas for December's photo challenge?
thx! M

Something Christmas!! Hahah.

We're sort of in between winter fun and summer sun here--not enough snow to have a good game of bury your packmate and too cold to sit and bask on the deck. So how about just a "dreaming of summer" challenge--could post pics of a pet napping in a sunbeam, or just napping...or use some older pics of summer fun to illustrate what they're dreamin' about. (LOL Yes, ulterior motive. I have some pics like that heheh)

I like "Dreaming", sleeping with a "dream caption". I know sleeping has been done, but they can be intense dream like expressions....

another idea or two and we'll have a majority

Pets with "Bows and Ribbons" for Christmas.........everyone is lost for ideas!!

No clear majority here so I'll make the call.

Pets and the Holidays.

Ok then merging posts now - who will go first?
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