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Unhappy Shih Tzu keeps vomitting??

Our 9 yr old Shihtzu (female) has been Vomitting clear foamy liquid frequently since last thursday. We have taken her to the vet, and they did a full blood panel as well as put "balls" down here so that they could x-ray the passing of the "balls" to rule out obstruction in her intestinal tract. The balls passed normally, the vet said her kidney blood work had improved since last test (early stage of kidney failure was identified months ago). The vet said she does not have some sort of stretching of the esophigus he thought. The vet gave us cisapride to treat gastrol reflux which has now given her diharia and cause her to vomit WAY more often so far. She is now showing no interest in food as well. She is losing weight as well. What should we do from here? We think it might be the K/D food (precription diet) the vet has put her on, and are not going to give her the remaining dose of cisapride as the vomitting and diharia have increase since giving her 0.5mg/ml twice a day.
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