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Ruptured anal gland

My poor little Joe (pom x poodle) was dealing with constipation, straining to go and ruptured his anal gland. He has eaten 4 (cooked) chicken hearts the day before and was having a hard time eliminating. Gave him some pumpkin and milk but not before he strained too hard and gushed poop/blood/anal secretion. The patch is about the size of a dime, raw and oozing. Vet put him on 62.5 clavamox, I shaved the area and gave him a warm rear-end bath. Have been adding bran to his breakfast but omg it looks sore and he's having a hard time to sit down. I should have cut the hearts into tiny, tiny little pieces as he has a tendency to gulp any delicacies. He goes out to pee pretty quickly now we're having freezing weather again due to his hairless little behind.
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