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Hello again

Thank you all for posting, your information is what is getting me through this difficult situation.

Boi is still on IV fluids, but his recent blood tests have me very alarmed: White cell count has skyrocketed, while RBC, Hemoglobin, and Hematocrit have plumetted.

White cell count = 17.5 (up from 12.1 when we took him in; norm is 4.0-16.0)
RBC = 6.1 (down from 8.6; norm is 6.3-10.8)
Hemoglobin = 86 (down from 116; norm is 104-160)
Hematocrit = 0.27 (down from 0.33; norm is 0.32 - 0.49)
Platelets = 201 (down from 320; norm is 300-800)

His Urea is now 41.5 and his Creatinine is 570.
His ALT is up to 95 (and was 36 before norm is 28-76).
ALP is up to 59 (was 36 before - norm is 0-62)

They put him on ampicillin because of the white blood cell count, even though they do not know the cause (and are not trying to diagnose the cause in any manner). This makes me extremely nervous. He seems to be going into some sort of liver failure.
Should I switch vets?

I know it's not looking good now.

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