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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Even if it turned out he needed a minimal dosage to prevent seizures it would be a great improvement over what the poor little guy has had to deal with so far!!! But I hope you can wean him off entirely! Do you have a back-up vet to go to if something untoward happens (heaven forbid) while Dr Marsden is out of town?
Dr. Marsden has given us his email address so if something happens we can email him and he will get ahold of one of the vets at his clinic. If it is an emergency then we still have our regular vet and the emergency clinic. I do have a homeopathic remedy for seizure activity, it's called Stramonium. We give that to him if we see any weird, possible neurologic behaviour. We still have a few vials of Valium as well which can hold him over until Dr. Marsden emails me back. I'm sure he will have more specific instructions for us next week. He wanted the appt. next Friday so he can complete a full evaluation before he leaves
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